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Test benches and Skydrol oil, but also airport equipment are typical Triple R applications.

In aviation applications are numerous.

First of all there is the famous SKYDROL aviation oil. Skydrol is a synthetic esther and specially designed to be explosion free.

Another application are the numerous Test benches. Test benches all use sophisticated but very sensitive servo-vales. They all require oil cleanliness levels of NAS 6 - ISO 18/16/14 or better.

Airport equipment are another typical Triple R application.

FINNAIR has all its ground equipment in Finland fitted with Triple R.

  • Loaders
  • Towing tractors
  • Passenger and catering vehicles

Triple R products

  • BU-series
  • SE-series
  • TR-series


Finnair Case Study

All airport equipment is fitted with Triple R:

  • Catering supply
  • Luggage handling for passenger flights
  • Cargo handling for commercial flights

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