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TRAP Series

Removes grinding powder and binding agent from the cutting fluid.

Magnet Conveyor TRAP Series


  • The used cutting fluid travels to a dirty tank from a gear grinder - any filtration magnets located inside the dirty tank capture magnetic metal powder - a scraper scrapes off the sludge - a roller squeezes out cutting fluid from the sludge - the sludge is discharged.
  • Cyclone-separator or backwashing filters remove non-magnetic grinding powder and binding agent from the cutting fluid - the fluid travels to a clean tank.


  • Magnets(using permanent magnets)can be used for both oil-base and water-base fluid.
  • Collect oil/fluid until the last drop, and recycle it.
  • 50% less industrial waste management cost in many case.
  • Low operation cost and low maintenance cost, 1/5 in many cases.

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Magnet conveyorTR AP-type: Filtration example with working fluid

  Before Magnets After Magnets Filtration rate
Shaving 47.8mg/100ng ⇒ 5.2mg/100mg 92%
Honing machines 73.1mg/100mg ⇒ 8.4mg/100mg 87%
Super Finish 78.7mg/100mg ⇒ 9.6mg/100mg 82%
Precision Rolling 74.8mg/100mg ⇒ 8.8mg/100mg 85%
Thread grinding machines 48.2mg/100mg ⇒ 4.8mg/100mg 90%
Centralized treatment 65.7mg/100mg ⇒ 9.8mg/100mg 85%

* Flexible to adjust for available space and for required specifications.


Application example : Gear Grinder
Fluid type : Oil-base coolant

Magnet Conveyor Model TRAP-200-2F is equipped with 33 sheets of filtration (Neodymium) magnets and a sludge squeezing roller.
Tank capacity - Dirty tank: 1249L, Clean tank: 742L. They are completely separate.
Fluid delivery pump's flow rate - Pump for Nozzle/Washing: 200L/min, for Dressing/Cooler: 100L/min, for Fine filtration: 200L/min, for Bachwashing: 40L/min.