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28 Apr 2014

TOTAL OIL CARE = stop changing oil - start cleaning!


Industry rides on an oil film of less than 10µ. This minimal oil film guarantees a perfect lubrication of your hydraulic machinery and gearboxes. Perfect lubrication however requires 100% clean oil. But that's just theory because practice shows that more than 70% of all hydraulic machinery are highly contaminated (> NAS 9, > ISO 21/18/16).

The result
: increased wear and tear, pump and valve failures, leakages everywhere, regular oil changes, machine standstill, but most of all ... production loss!

Effective oil management is hard to achieve. Changing the oil and the system filters from time to time is not a guarantee for clean oil. But Total Oil Care is a result driven service with a full commitment to guarantee perfectly clean oil, at 50% of your actual oil cost!

Total Oil Care
includes following actions en services:

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