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05 May 2014

Triple R America

Triple R oil cleaners were the first to allow 'total cleaning' of industrial hydraulic oil and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity by removing everything from solid Particles to water to sludge and oil oxidation residues.

Over the last 40 years we have continued to invest significantly in R&D, developing a wide range of new products to augment our initial oil cleaning systems.

With a qualified team of customer service representatives and engineers we have a solution for every lubrication and oil related application. From bypass and off-line oil cleaning systems, to mobile rigs, water separators, oil separators, to centrifuges, purifiers and air bubble removers.

Our customer base is the best proof of Triple R's highly appreciated quality.

Our Belief

Triple R believes that it is a vital duty for everyone in the world to protect our beautiful environment for present and future generations. We operate our business responsibly as a filtration & separation system manufacturer in respect to resource conservation. Triple R Group members are all engaged in "RRR": Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Mike Morinaga
Chief Executive Triple R Group

Corporate Philosophy of RRR Group

ISOWe support resource conservation, and continue to be a world leader of advanced filtration & separation technologies.
The Triple R product range is diversified for applications in all industries and is manufactured to the highest worldwide standards.
Triple R Group employees and associates are dedicated and proactive and determined to achieve our mutual goals.

Triple R is the next generation in oil filtration.

Triple R holds the original patent and takes oil filtration to an unequaled high level of performance. We pride ourselves that this high level of oil filtration performance guarantees particle removal, removal of sludge, oxidation products and water; all within one filter concept.

This achievement has not been matched by any other filter manufacturer.

Even more important is that Triple R continuously keeps on developing the basic idea. Starting from the first unique filter designed for engine oil cleaning, Triple R produced a wide range of bypass filters leading to a product range that can handle every modern oil related application.

Whatever the application, Triple R always has a suitable bypass filter to solve any and all the contamination problems efficiently and economically.

"Efficient and economic", that's the key of Triple R's success!

Oil Contaminants

  • Sludge Sludge
    Sludge - Varnish - Oxidation products
  • Water Water
    Constant changes in oil temperature cause condensation.
  • Solid Particles Solid Particles
    Solid particles multiply continuously in hydraulic systems.

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The large capacity oil cleaner!

OTP Industrial Solutions has been appointed as the authorized distributor for the Mid-West USA.

Branches throughout Mid-West include:

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